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Wednesday, December 18, 2002


MAYBE HULK HAD TO ASK IRON MAN TO HELP HULK. He was very nice and helped Hulk! Maybe he is Tony Stark, who is a smart man! Ha ha ha - how silly! Everyone knows Stark is a dumb drunk!

NOW - Hulk have some things on Hulk's mind. They are making movie about Hulk! Apparently, Hulk not getting royalties because Hulk is trademarked by Marvel Comics. WHO SAID THEY COULD DO THAT.

Hulk will have to talk to Jarvis and see if he knows a good lawyer in Manhattan. If he doesn't, maybe Hulk have to smash Marvel Comics!

SECOND THING - why they not sell purple pants at Gap? Why Hulk have to go to Phat Pimp store in Harlem to get them?

THIRD THING - Hulk forgot third thing.

FOURTH THING - NOW YOU CAN WRITE TO HULK ON INTERNET! Iron Man set up email called that you can use to write Hulk! Maybe you get response or I post it on Blogger!

FIFTH THING - You have Merry Holiday. Hulk knows it's a bad time for a lot of people and Hulk wants you to know that he's thinking about you when he's smashing bad guys like Dr. Doom.