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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Hi. My name's Kevin Church and I've been helping The Hulk with his blog (or "diary," as he insists on calling it) since October, 2001. This has been a great experience and I've met and spoken to a lot of great people because of this, but I'm announcing that it's over. The great experiment has ended. Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in control of the world's fifth largest economy, humor and irony are officially dead. You can't beat what real life is providing, you know?

It's been a great two years, but Hulk says he needs to move out of Avengers Mansion and go "find Hulk," or something. This will allow me to live my existence without watching snack cake wrappers pile on my floor while he dictates to me VERY LOUDLY and maybe, just maybe, I'll get my Grand Funk Railroad box set back. If you're curious about my life, visit my blog, but my life is stiff and dull compared to the jade giant.

Special thanks to Jenn, Ruby, the whole perfectworld crew and everyone else who wrote in or sent pictures from the four corners of the globe - you made our days better and gave Hulk something to talk about besides his favorite Pokemon (Charizard) and snack cakes. If you want some fine, funny material I really recommend my good friend Spatch and his observations on life, the universe, and a place called CAT TOWN.

Thank you, and good night. We'll see you next time, PASADENA.