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Sunday, July 25, 2004


Puny Human Kevin is selling stuff on internet site eBay to help pay for "renovations" on part of house that Hulk made more Hulk-friendly by making DOOR BIGGER. Maybe you find something you want to buy. Hulk not care.

Hulk also have to say that Hulk will have Iron Man help him remove comments from diary if puny humans do not stop acting like they are people they are not! THIS MEANS YOU, FAKE JOHN KERRY AND FAKE MONKEY PRESIDENT AND FAKE STAN LEE AND FAKE BILL BIXBY AND FAKE OTHER PEOPLE.

Hulk also want to say that maybe he ate too much fudge at candy job and doesn't have candy job anymore and has to look at Sunday paper's Help Wanted section.

Hulk can hear you laughing. Hulk telling you to shut up.