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Monday, December 20, 2004

Hulk had to "ban" someone from writing in comments on Internet Diary. Hulk doesn't care if you make fun of Hulk because Hulk's skin is thick like skin on a tank if a tank had skin! Hulk laughs at Puny Humans who want to hurt Hulk's feelings. You are not Kittens or Monkeys or Betty so can not hurt Hulk or make Hulk smile or laugh or cry. BUT WHEN YOU INSULT PEOPLE IN HULK'S DIARY WHO ARE NOT HULK THEN THAT MAKES HULK MAD and when HULK GETS MAD Hulk wants to SMAzZSddskkk.. 22 ahhehaif øøø ®†...??uœ2ƒ8©

Hulk had to go to Staples and get new keyboard. If you hear about Hulk turning over that Hot Dog Cart it wasn't Hulk. It was somebody else! Honest! And if you heard about a GIANT GREEN HANDSOME GUY eating a bunch of Hot Dogs that wasn't Hulk, either.

Hulk is done packing and will be moving to studio in "The Village" soon. Hulk hopes it is not like the village in that movie called THE VILLAGE because that was scary, that village.