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Thursday, February 17, 2005

OK, so Hulk looks at all of his Bachman Turner Overdrive, ELO, and Chicago CDs and thinks Hulk will get rid of them because they are taking up a lot of space and Hulk never listens to them anymore now that Hulk has the new CD from Kenny Loggins (who needs to make another song as good as "Footloose," Hulk tells you what!)

Anyway, Hulk goes to local record store in Village part of New York where Hulk lives and guess who Hulk sees? Hulk sees Dr. Strange! Dr Strange, if you did not know, is a magician and has a funny cape and a goatee! Anyway, this is what happened!

"Hey, Dr. Strange!" Hulk said to Dr. Strange.

"By the hoary hosts of Hoggarth, is that the Hulk my mystic eye sees?" Dr Strange talks funny! He also had an album called Swinging Jazz For Frisky Singles, but Hulk doesn't like jazz music because it is all clicks and whistles to Hulk.

So Hulk and Dr Strange talked for a while - Hulk got an invitation to come over and help smash some demons, which is a nice thing for Hulk to do for Dr Strange so he will do that. Then, Hulk took his CDs to the person who buys CDs and got $30 for the 70 discs Hulk handed over. The girl behind the counter (who had a lot of metal in her face - Hulk hopes Magneto doesn't come in and sell his classical music HA HA HA!) said I kept them in bad condition so they couldn't give me a lot of money.

That's OK. Hulk bought a copy of Gleaming The Cube on DVD and he's watched it five times and it is awesome and you should see it!