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Saturday, March 19, 2005

OH BOY IS HULK MAD AT PEOPLE WHO MAKE STUPID "MARVEL" COMICS ABOUT HULK. They told Hulk and Dr Strange who is Hulk's neighbor in the Village and Shiny Surfer guy who makes a lot of speeches and stupid Sub-Mariner guy who smiles like the stinky East River that they were going to make a comic book about them and call it "The Defenders" and it would be about helping make sure that new York City was safe. NOW LOOK AT THE PICTURE THEY CHOSE FOR THIS COVER. Stupid puny human comic book drawing person "KEVIN MAGUIRE" drew Hulk "Digging For Green Gold" and that is gross and Hulk wants to tell little children that they should not do it! Hulk maybe had a fly go up his nose or something during the stupid photo shoot so he could DRAW FROM A PICTURE BECAUSE HE CAN NOT DRAW WITHOUT TRACING IT. That fly was probably a trap from The Leader or The Skrulls or a robot or something that stupid Ben Grimm computer programmed with "Mister Fantastic" to annoy Hulk because he is mad that Hulk got his sandwich card punched first and got the free meatball sub before stupid Ben Grimm!

PS> Hulk gets a little money for "likeness rights" if you buy this comic book and like it so buy it if you think you might like it, because Hulk would like a little more money, Hulk tells you what. All that orange slices candy is not paying for itself!

PSS> Hulk also wants to note that during photoshoot, Hulk was wearing a t-shirt that said "Keep On Trucking" but they drew Hulk without it and Hulk wants you to Keep On Trucking! Stupid Shiny Surfer was also wearing a pair of swimming trunks. Only stupid Namor was walking around with no clothes on like a hippie!