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Monday, June 27, 2005


You have made Hulk very upset because you have taken that nice little girl Katie Holmes who has not graduated the eighth grade yet and made her into your special friend to take around and you think that gives you the right to act like a monkey on that woman Oprah's show but it does not! Hulk is tired of seeing you and even if Hulk wanted to go see the movie about the War Of The Worlds (GO EARTH! HULK IS IN YOUR CORNER!) before you started acting like Speedball after he's had too many of Iron Man's special grown-up drinks, he does not want to see it now because he is tired of seeing you and he thinks there's a special place for people like you and it was called "Arkham Asylum" in that movie that they made about Batman, which is where Hulk first saw that Katie Holmes that you have kidnapped and brainwashed.

Please let Katie Holmes go, Tom Cruise. You are making Hulk angry and tired and cranky whenever Hulk sees you. You wouldn't like Hulk when he's angry and tired and cranky unless you are the Red Bull Superdrink sales man because then you get all of Hulk's money.


PS> No, Hulk does not want to have a "stress test!"