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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hulk helped those kids at the elementary school yesterday by teaching them not to get in a car with a stranger by making Thor pretend to be a stranger and Hulk pretended to be a little boy and Hulk wore short pants and a baseball cap and a pair of sneakers and skipped and sang "Hulk is a little teapot!" and then when Thor pretended to be a bad person said "Have at thee, lad! Get into yon transport so I may take thee away from this mortal coil," Hulk used the three rules that all kids must remember when dealing with bad people and showed the kids how to keep themselves from being stolen!

You want to know the three rules? Here they are!

1) If you do not know the person, say "I do not know you and even if you tell me there is a kitten in your van, Hulk is not going to get in that van," except you can say your name and not "Hulk," OK?

2) If the bad person grabs you, yell real loud and say "I do not know this bad person who is taking me and putting me in their car!"

3) If they are really bad, aim at what Hulk calls "The Tony Starks" and kick them real hard between their legs and then hit their throat and their eyeballs!

This is how you keep from getting stolen by bad people!