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Friday, October 28, 2005

THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE ABOUT THE SAVANNAH KITTY. Hulk is sending the money over and if you want to find out the total amount of American cash money, then keep reading! Hulk has very good news for all the people who read Hulk's diary!

"Comic Treadmill" sent money for the kitty! "Comic Treadmill" didn't want me to give away their secret identity, so Hulk keeps it secret and safe, not like stupid Iron Man telling everybody that he's Tony Stark.

Victoria Walker helped make sure that all the puny humans and Hulk made the goal that Hulk set and Hulk is so very proud and happy! Hulk doesn't want to admit that Hulk has cried a tiny bit with this, but Hulk can tell you that Hulk had to blow his nose a few times and cuddle with his giant Snoopy toy!

Like Victoria, Linda Park gave extra money to meet the goal and was joined by Luke, who asked Hulk to smash a bad guy for him, so Hulk will do that with his fists when he gets a chance to smash a bad guy, which happens pretty darn often in New York City!

Hulk wants to say THANK YOU
to EVERYONE that has
given money to save Savannah.

Do you want to know how much
you helped Hulk raise? Then
Hulk will tell you!


Hulk is so proud of his friends, and is really really happy that he can send the money to the people who are helping take care of Savannah!!!

Hulk is sending the money over now and is going to sleep really really good tonight with his Snoopy doll. Hulk is so happy Hulk could sing, but Hulk got told he will get evicted if he breaks into "Dancing Queen" anymore after 10PM in the evening anymore.

Hulk thanks you and says "Good Night!"

PS> If you want to send money anymore now, you should do it at this page that the people who have the kitty and are taking care of her set up.