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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

dear Hulk,
your blog has become stale and repetitive. I can't say that there was really anything in the way of substance to begin with. Anyway, i'm just letting you know that this long time reader will no longer be reading your sporatic half-hearted posts. Good bye hulk.
Hulk has this to say about The Watcher because he decided to be rude to the Hulk and Hulk feels he can be rude to him back because if there's anything that Hulk has learned from his years of hanging out with Thor and Iron Man it's that you should say what is on your mind and maybe hit someone with a hammer.

You have a head that makes The Leader's look normal-sized and not stupid and tall and green! You wear a bathrobe all the time and can't be bothered to put on pants when people visit you on your secret place that is in the "blue area" on the Moon! You are like the crazy man that stands on the corner near Hulk's apartment and yells and women and sometimes has to get talked to by the police-men!

Why should Hulk care if you read his secret diary?

PS> Hulk doesn't read your diary, either! Take that!