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Monday, June 19, 2006

Hulk knows it has been a while since Hulk wrote in his internet diary but Hulk has been very busy. Did you know that Marvel Comics, who make comic books about the Hulk, have a big "storyline" going on right now called Planet Hulk and in it, Hulk goes into space and beats up people on another planet?

That is not what Hulk has been doing. Hulk decided to be like Shaq and join the police force, but not the police force in Miami, but the NYPD, who are the New York Police Department. Hulk has been in "the academy" lately and is too tired when he gets home to write in his internet diary.

ANYWAY, Hulk got his "certification" and can be a police officer, but has to wait until they make a uniform for Hulk.

So Hulk will tell you people about being a police officer in the near future, when he will be a real police officer!

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