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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A lot of people talk to Hulk, wanting to know how Hulk about the comic books that Marvel Comics makes about Hulk. Hulk thinks they are pretty OK most of the time, even if they have stupid stories like this stupid "Mister Fantastic And Tony Stark And Nick Fury Shoot Hulk Into Space And He Comes Back Later And Breaks A Bunch Of Stuff" story that is happening soon, but Hulk has to give special "props" to Jeff Parker because he writes stories that are good and not stupid. If you see a comic that says "MARVEL ADVENTURES: THE AVENGERS" and it is written by Jeff Parker, you should buy it because he makes comics that are more like the world Hulk knows and lives in, even if Hulk would never be part of any team called "THE AVENGERS" that had stupid stinky Wolverine on it.

You can buy MARVEL ADVENTURES comic books with "THE AVENGERS" in itty bitty books that are small and reprint five or six stories and they are cheap like $10 so you should buy those. HERE IS A LINK FOR THE FIRST LITTLE BOOK. You should be able to find more at your local comic book store. If you live in Brooklyn like Hulk does Hulk recommends that you visit ROCKETSHIP because it is a very good store that has comic books and you should ask ALEX or MARY if you can not find them.


(NO, REALLY: WOLVERINE IS SMELLY. Imagine a wet kitty-cat that's rolled around in something dead and you are part of the way there.)