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Saturday, October 06, 2001

Why can't Hulk be left alone by puny humans? Hulk go to Galleria Mall today to buy new Britney Spears single with gift certificate Captain America gave Hulk! Hulk go to Camelot Music and get single and go to counter to use the certificate! Hulk patted his purple pants and looked for certificate! Then Hulk see mall security guard on radio talking to his boss! Hulk say "Hulk just want to buy single! Hulk like Britney!" and then the police man showed up! Hulk only want to buy compact disc with song Hulk likes! Hulk left then! Hulk make big mess of food court when Hulk left! Hulk showed Orange Julius who was boss!

Hulk left gift certificate in other purple pants that day anyway. Hulk will ask Rock Man to go to mall to get single for him! Everyone likes Rock Man!