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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Hulk's been very very busy over the last week. Hulk now gives you a list of what Hulk has done.

Hulk read an Archie Double Digest and Hulk wonders why Reggie just doesn't smash Archie and take over book.

Hulk ate sixteen burgers at Wendy's. Manager says you only get one burger for "shift meal" but Hulk said his appetite was too big from having to restrain from smashing customers and stupid puny human manager better back off or Hulk didn't know what Hulk would do.

Hulk smashed aliens who came to New York and wanted to take over with stupid ray-guns and puny tin-foil spaceships. Iron Man said Hulk earned his Avengers paycheck that day.

Hulk found out he has a paycheck from the Avengers and quit at Wendy's. Hulk smashed Frosty machine on way out.