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Monday, August 30, 2004

WOW there are a lot of people in New York City and they seem like they are having a party because they have banners and they chant and sing!

Hulk hopes they invite Hulk. Hulk has a really good bean dip recipe!

Somebody wrote Hulk and said that there was not a lot of talk about smashing in Hulk's Diary and that Hulk has gone soft.

If Hulk talked about all the smashing he did, puny humans would whine "OH HULK ALL YOU TALK ABOUT IS SMASHING!" because HULK SMASHES A LOT OF THINGS.

Here is a list of things Hulk smashed this weekend:
6 EMPTY CANS OF RED BULL SUPERDRINK THAT MAKES HULK FAST AND SMART!!! (Hulk smashed one more Can that was full - Thor looked funny with superdrink in his long blond hair! HE HAS HAIR LIKE FARRAH FAWCETT HA HA HA!!!)

1 Buick car that was honking at Hulk when Hulk was carrying cans of RED BULL SUPERDRINK home.

A whole bunch of stupid Army men who were like "HEY HULK YOU ARE A MENACE NOW GET IN THIS TRUCK SO WE CAN TAKE YOU TO DESERT!" and Hulk was like "NO!" and the stupid Army men were like "UH HUH! WE HAVE A "HULK BUSTER" TANK AND IT WILL SHOOT YOU." Hulk then smashed them and their puny "Hulk Buster" tank.

Hulk didn't smash Iron Man, but really thought about it.