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Monday, January 31, 2005

Hulk gets an email on the internet computer from a TV producer who wants to make a series about Hulk like stupid "Real World" and "Surreal Life" shows. He would have camera people follow Hulk around and show Hulk doing stuff like walking the neighbor's dog and smashing stupid Sandman (YES, I KNOW YOU READ THIS, SANDMAN! WHEN YOU ROB YOUR NEXT BANK, STUPID SPIDER-BUG-MAN WON'T BE ABLE TO STOP ME!) but when Hulk talked to Cousin Jennifer (She is a lawyer AND She-Hulk! She is busy!) about it, she told Hulk that after expenses and all that stupid stuff, Hulk would have enough money to get Twinkies from Mr Ruiz at Bodega and maybe a can of soda.

Hulk can't live off Twinkies and Soda. Hulk tried. Hulk's tummy hurt real bad.

So, Hulk still has a few more months with check Avengers gave Hulk to find job, but he is smart and will go to temporary agencies today to find out of they have any work where HULK COULD SMASH STUFF and drink Red Bull Super Drink.