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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Hulk have a little headache still from last night. Man, that club played music EXTRA LOUD and Hulk would try to dance but kept making the record players jump, so Hulk ended up "rolling like a pimp" in the VIP room and drinking fancy fizzy drink. That is where Hulk saw Andy Dick. Hawkeye said his last name was appropriate, but Hulk doesn't know what that means. Cousin Jennifer punched some guy, but Hulk knows he was getting fresh, so that's OK. People were nice to Hulk, really. Maybe Hulk become a person on Page Six of that paper that's not the Daily Bugle.

Here is a comic book about Hulk's last days that some puny humans made! It is written by EXCELLENT PUNY HUMAN PETER DAVID, who Hulk liked writing his comic a lot. Maybe you can bid on it so you can have your own copy!