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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hulk was sitting at coffee shop drinking bucket of coffee (THANK YOU MISTER LOPEZ FOR LETTING HULK HAVE BUCKET!) when puny human policeman walks up to Hulk!

"Hulk, you have to come with me because you are under arrest! Some things got smashed real bad this morning and we think you did it because it was a big green person who did the smashing!"

"OH NO HULK DID NOT DO THAT THING WHERE THE THINGS GOT SMASHED! HONEST!" Is what Hulk said. "Hulk has been at coffee shop sitting in booth with Highlights For Children and coloring book all morning!"

Mr Lopez agreed with Hulk - that is because he knows that if he said Hulk had been doing smashing - WHICH HULK DID NOT DO - he would not be at the coffee shop.

Hulk gets back to mansion and finds DUPLICATE FAKE HULK PLAYING ON HULK'S GAMEBOY AND EATING HULK'S PRINGLES and there was a big fight. Hulk smashed him up and learned from Captain America that he was a Skrull, whatever that means. All Hulk knows is that Hulk has had about six bad checks come back that DUPLICATE HULK wrote for stupid things at electronics stores. BAH.