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Friday, May 20, 2005

Sometimes Hulk complains about how Hulk is drawn and written by puny humans who make Hulk comic books but Hulk wants to say that Hulk really likes this part of a comic book that the Hulk was in because Hulk really likes horses and thinks that you all need to go talk to horses and get to know them because they are nice and if you pet them real nice and talk to them and give them sugar cubes, they can be your friends too!

Hulk knows how hard it can be to make friends, so if you need friends, go get some carrots or sugar cubes and go see the horses and pet them really nice like you would a little kitten! If you take candy bars or Red Bull Superdrink to them, though, you get yelled at by the person who takes care of the horses and then you have to go home without having a new horse friend that is nice!

PS> OTHER HULK - HORSE IS HULK'S FRIEND, NOT YOUR FRIEND! You will not have any friends because you are not nice and you take things that are not yours like Hulk's pizza and Hulk's kitten friend that Hulk saved!