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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hulk has been thinking lately (STOP LAUGHING, STUPID BEN GRIMM) about "secret identities" and how important it is for some people to make sure that nobody knows who they are. Hulk knows that some people, like Spider-Bug-Man or Moon Knight Who Is Not Batman Honest want to protect people they love and care about while they do their super-hero stuff. Hulk heard that Monkeyfaced President had a special helper who told some people who are not as nice as other people the "secret identity" of a spy because her husband said something about a bad person not being as super-bad as they thought he was and making the Monkeyfaced President look like he was telling a lie.

Hulk does not like hearing about people "selling out" other people because they have done something that ticked the person who is "selling out" the information off. SECRET IDENTITIES ARE SECRET IDENTITIES AND ONLY THE PERSON WHO IS DOING THE STUFF CAN TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THEM OR MAYBE THEIR BOSS IF THEY WORK FOR SOMEBODY LIKE THE AVENGERS OR THE "JUSTICE LEAGUE" IN THE CARTOONS. Secret identities are very important for a lot of people to do things that are good and right and Hulk doesn't like people treating them like they are not important!!

Hulk thinks that Monkeyfaced President's Helper needs to have a special talking-to and maybe he should spend some time not working for Monkeyfaced President.

Hulk has to go because Hulk just ate a whole box of Junior Mints from the movie theater and boy he has a sugar-rush headache now!