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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hulk really really hopes that all of the puny humans in Louisiana take care of themselves and don't drown or anything because of that big stupid storm named Katrina. Hulk asked the girl at the coffee shop named Katrina if she knew this storm and if she would tell it to knock things off, but she said she couldn't help because it was a big storm and she was just an art student. She then gave Hulk his triple mocha latte and a biscotti and Hulk sat in the big big chair they got for him and read the "comic books" that the people at Marvel send Hulk.

They are pretty OK, Hulk guesses. Hulk thinks they need more smashing because that is what people want to see when they read a comic book about the Hulk and his smashing. Look at that baby there and tell Hulk that the baby is not all like "Hello, I would like to be told about more smashing in the Hulk comic book because I am a little baby and can't read yet!"