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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hulk just found out a new fact that is important if you are fighting somebody who is a really bad person called "The Leader" in the middle of the place that you live that is called The Village that is in Manhattan which is part of New York.

If you knock over an apartment building and pick up a wall and beat "The Leader" with it a lot, you will probably get yelled at by the Mayor and the Chief of Police and then Captain America will come over and tell you that he's disappointed in you.

Hulk has to say something, though: it felt real good to smash that big-headed poo-poo head with that wall.

PS> Today is Puny Human Jack Kirby's birthday and even if he is dead, Hulk wanted to say that Hulk wouldn't be the Hulk he is without him. Happy Birthday, Jack!