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Friday, April 08, 2005

Hulk's tummy feels a lot better because Hulk called up Doctor Strange who is not a real doctor but a magical doctor and he helped Hulk make sure his tummy felt better by using his "Eye Of Agamotto" that glows real funny and he said that Hulk shouldn't overindulge with sweet, sweet candy. Thank you Doctor Strange! That stupid "Medical Board" may have taken away your license to do medicine for real, but you do OK by Hulk!

Hulk wants to know who the other Hulk in the apartment thinks he is! He lives in the Bathroom and in the hallway as far as Hulk can tell! When Hulk brushes teeth, there is the other Hulk brushing his teeth! When Hulk comes back from Bodega to get Red Bull Superdrink, other Hulk has Red Bull Superdrink! One time Hulk was combing his hair real nice so he could go to shopping mall and get PlayStation Portable and the other Hulk was doing the same thing!

Hulk getting scared.