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Saturday, April 23, 2005

THANK YOU EVERYBODY WHO GAVE HULK RED BULL MONEY!!! Hulk now has $22 that he can use to make sure that he can keep VILLAGE IN NEW YORK safe for more days!

Hulk still seeing other Hulk all over the place. Hulk thinking it may be time for a "reckoning." You could say Hulk reckons it is time for a reckoning, but Hulk is not from Alabama or Georgia or Oregon or any other states in the south!!!

Hulk got call from a company offering Hulk a "credit card" with "low interest." HULK THINKS THAT IF YOUR COMPANY WANTS TO OFFER HULK A CARD THAT GIVES HIM CREDIT, IT SHOULD HAVE A LOT OF INTEREST IN HULK! Puny companies! Hulk wants to feel like is a valued customer and that he is not another cog in your stupid money trap machines!

Hulk told them NO! He's heard about how Credit Cards got stupid stinky Wolverine in trouble at a place called "Scores."